Let’s Keep Our Democracy!

It’s not even a month in, and we’re seeing signs of an unhinged, and illegitimate presidency going after his perceived enemies.

Only a banana republic nation seeks revenge by charging his enemies while freeing his friends and family.

This isn’t the America most of us grew up in, and 45 stands to further divide our nation if this momentum isn’t squashed.

It must be called out, as the hideous inclusion of hate can’t coexist in a diverse democracy. The majority of people prefer peace, over war.

In order to reclaim our collective rights as ‘one nation under God,’ with ‘liberty, and justice for all we must seize this time, fight voter suppression on all levels, and rid our nation of the sycophants, and their cult leader.

We’re dealing with an immoral, ignorant, and bigoted individual who must not only be removed, but who must NOT be permitted to escape from justice.

We, the people, will never accept domestic terrorism, or the destruction of our lives as a melting pot of humanity. Ever. The hate groups must be dismantled, investigated (financially who’s funding them? and others committing crimes at peaceful protests, by incarceration).

Supremacist groups, and their mentality and criminality expunged from the ‘mainstream’ and return to hiding. The world doesn’t need the likes of a Bannon or Steven Miller, or 45.

These racists(including their leader)belong in federal prison for crimes of dismantling democracy, the death of immigrants in America, and worldwide.

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