Impeachment Now! Hey, 45’s still trying to Steal the Election!

Let’s get it right this time. He’s allowing Americans to die so he can be re-elected!
Are we going to put up with that?

The problem with 45 is he never stops attacking the press. Insulting professional adults. He does it relentlessly, disrespecting women, especially Black females, and white men asking hard questions. Trump continues to create racist divisions, chaos(knowing a deadly virus was coming), doing exactly what Putin ordered, the destruction of our democracy.

Are we going to allow it?

Now, his own Fox/OAN media is trying to convince us he’s winning at the polls.

The rich right wing bigots getting a half billion dollars. 45 wants to be in control of $500 Billion! Pelosi, and Schumer put a knot in it, yet he’s going to fight, and not rest until his greasy hands can slip some or all in his bank account.

The greed over taxpayer funds. Money that should go to helping poor, and homeless people. Money that could be used to increase a $1200 ‘grant’ to $8,000 or more for as long as we’re ‘hunkered down.”

Bottom line, it’s taxpayers funds returned.
Now with the bat-based virus pandemic…trump knew, and created a crisis by doing nothing. Ignored the warnings deliberately. Threw out the hard work of President Obama’s Response team in 2018 because he will forever envy, and despise intelligence in a Black man, or woman.

Now, instead of giving this illegal, illegitimate occupant more free publicity the media, TV, and print should cut him off!

CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, NY Times focus on his crimes! His lies in details. His immoral behavior. His theft of human services. He’s broken countless laws, so just turn him off!

We’ll all feel better. Write your own play, book or song. Listen to some great jazz.

Find your spirit(if it’s lost). Exercise, and build your immune system.

Spring clean your space; organize, rest, love your family, friends, and resist.

Resist the upcoming tsunami, and onslaught of fake news, and loco empires.

We have ONE more chance to stop this dance with the devil.
November 2020.
Our struggle continues…

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