When will the killings stop?


As the nation awakens to; another fatal shooting spree, this time at a FedEx building, another police shooting of a 13 year-old in Chicago, all while the trial of Derek Chauvin was taking place, everyone is asking this question;

When will the killings stop?

How can we end the carnage in America? We have out of control cops, as well as citizens who have no business owning a gun.

The only way to cut down the random killings, in my view, is to ban assault weapons. High velocity firearms built for war have no business on our streets. None. People have misinterpreted the second amendment. It’s now described by non-readers who never bothered to understand what it actually says.

As for the police, it’s long been reported they have been infiltrated by white supremacists. This fact was ignored, especially when the ‘illegitimate’ one allowed the cancer to grow while Steve Bannon, and Steven Miller worked to mainstream racism while dismantling democracy.

The most vile attack being January 6, 2021 when white madness, and bigoted cult followers of that fat grifter thought they could stop the certification of Joe Biden’s presidency, and Kamala Harris as Vice-Presidency. This is still eating away at the insurrectionists in Congress, and the sick ‘former guy’s plans to steal the election.

Now, the big lie he told is being repeated by low-life creatures like Tucker Carlson who worship an ignoramus instead of the Divine.

Carson should be banned from the airwaves for promoting seditionist lies, and bigotry. Republicans claim to be religious but their actions speak otherwise. Since the day President Obama’s birth certificate became a birther conspiracy, his cult followers continue to sink into a deep hole.

This time let them all fall in, so we can close the lid forever.

A new party needs to be born. Until then, Americans must understand the killings are a continuation of America’s evil past, ever since lynching, and the slave patrols began.

Until all Americans learn to treat everyone as equals, not as inferior beings, the killings will continue.

Someone forgot to teach him there’s one race-the human race.

45’s Virus War against “Blue” America


Basically, he deliberately ignored warnings, yet he alerted Israel, and Russia. If the American public had been advised two weeks earlier 90% of the fatalities would’ve been avoided.

Perhaps he figures mass fatalities in “blue states” will help him get re-elected.

Every republican who voted to acquit trump, and blocked his removal from office, now has blood on their hands.

Instead of leading, he divides the nation during a pandemic by giving supplies only to red states whose governors kiss up. If you’re a blue state, you’re on your own…is he crazy? This isn’t Russia. No American president since Woodrow Wilson, and Andrew Jackson has been so crude.

Desantis helped infect his own states, and is one of the evil voices in trump’s ear denying states like New York, and California critical, life-saving medical equipment.

Meanwhile, misinformation continues to panic the public creating chaos, fear, and anxiety.

The networks, and cable television should cut off his ‘live rallies’ designed as press briefings. The purpose is only to further gaslight us.

We’re also disgusted with trump’s habit of insulting real journalists, specifically signaling out credible Black female reporters while pandering to the fake ones we now see;-like the blond from his Sinclair, and One America networks are given more credibility than PBS, or CNN. The WH now cuts off the mics of reporters who challenge him. This is hideous. Creeping facism.

Karma has a way of giving “poetic justice.” What he wished for ‘blue states” may very well come back to haunt him.

The LOST BOYZ’ Imagery

The original “Thunder& Rain”-Tah, & Cheeks(c)Pat Kelly

In the early 90’s my nephew, Mr. Cheek of the LOST BOYZ ask me to photograph him, and the Boyz on their hip hop journey, and the next thing I knew I was taking photos, and videos of their concerts/video shoots, most memorable in JAMAICA, W. I., do the “Love, Peace, and snappiness” album.

We watched them grow as artists, and the story is unique.
This (c)photo, taken at Shimer JHS in December(late 90’s), we call, “Thunder(Tah), and Rain(Mr. Cheeks).
It was after an inspirational talk Tah, and Cheeks gave to the students.

This image won the International Photography Award in the 90’s, and the promo photo licensed for use in, and to promote the
LOST BOYZ UNSUNG documentary.

This version demonstrates the power of imagery, and how others are influenced, and interpret the vision.

It also reflects the love family, friends, and fans still maintain for a bittersweet day when gun violence shattered our families with senseless violence that took Raymond “Freaky Tah’s” life on the same day as Terrance “Mr. Cheeks,” birthday.

Impeachment Now! Hey, 45’s still trying to Steal the Election!

Let’s get it right this time. He’s allowing Americans to die so he can be re-elected!
Are we going to put up with that?

The problem with 45 is he never stops attacking the press. Insulting professional adults. He does it relentlessly, disrespecting women, especially Black females, and white men asking hard questions. Trump continues to create racist divisions, chaos(knowing a deadly virus was coming), doing exactly what Putin ordered, the destruction of our democracy.

Are we going to allow it?

Now, his own Fox/OAN media is trying to convince us he’s winning at the polls.

The rich right wing bigots getting a half billion dollars. 45 wants to be in control of $500 Billion! Pelosi, and Schumer put a knot in it, yet he’s going to fight, and not rest until his greasy hands can slip some or all in his bank account.

The greed over taxpayer funds. Money that should go to helping poor, and homeless people. Money that could be used to increase a $1200 ‘grant’ to $8,000 or more for as long as we’re ‘hunkered down.”

Bottom line, it’s taxpayers funds returned.
Now with the bat-based virus pandemic…trump knew, and created a crisis by doing nothing. Ignored the warnings deliberately. Threw out the hard work of President Obama’s Response team in 2018 because he will forever envy, and despise intelligence in a Black man, or woman.

Now, instead of giving this illegal, illegitimate occupant more free publicity the media, TV, and print should cut him off!

CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, NY Times focus on his crimes! His lies in details. His immoral behavior. His theft of human services. He’s broken countless laws, so just turn him off!

We’ll all feel better. Write your own play, book or song. Listen to some great jazz.

Find your spirit(if it’s lost). Exercise, and build your immune system.

Spring clean your space; organize, rest, love your family, friends, and resist.

Resist the upcoming tsunami, and onslaught of fake news, and loco empires.

We have ONE more chance to stop this dance with the devil.
November 2020.
Our struggle continues…

Let’s Keep Our Democracy!

It’s not even a month in, and we’re seeing signs of an unhinged, and illegitimate presidency going after his perceived enemies.

Only a banana republic nation seeks revenge by charging his enemies while freeing his friends and family.

This isn’t the America most of us grew up in, and 45 stands to further divide our nation if this momentum isn’t squashed.

It must be called out, as the hideous inclusion of hate can’t coexist in a diverse democracy. The majority of people prefer peace, over war.

In order to reclaim our collective rights as ‘one nation under God,’ with ‘liberty, and justice for all we must seize this time, fight voter suppression on all levels, and rid our nation of the sycophants, and their cult leader.

We’re dealing with an immoral, ignorant, and bigoted individual who must not only be removed, but who must NOT be permitted to escape from justice.

We, the people, will never accept domestic terrorism, or the destruction of our lives as a melting pot of humanity. Ever. The hate groups must be dismantled, investigated (financially who’s funding them? and others committing crimes at peaceful protests, by incarceration).

Supremacist groups, and their mentality and criminality expunged from the ‘mainstream’ and return to hiding. The world doesn’t need the likes of a Bannon or Steven Miller, or 45.

These racists(including their leader)belong in federal prison for crimes of dismantling democracy, the death of immigrants in America, and worldwide.

Why the Idea of ‘White Supremacy’ MUST Die…(c)2019

The Civil War is supposed to be over.

However, it’s not. In the minds of confederate decedents this war against equality continues.

It became intolerable when hate groups heard a Black man was running for president.(see SPLC.org for an updated hate map).

The reaction was anger at the idea, the thought, the NERVE a person of color would dare run for the highest office in the land.

All my life I heard about an open secret -racists would kill anyone other than a WASP in the house slaves built.

In their twisted logic only white men can rule; even if they can’t read or write. Women(including white women), need not ever apply.

At the time he announced his candidacy Senator Barack Obama had so many death threats he was assigned Secret Service protection before any other office seekers. 1,000% more threats than usual was reported.

The reason?

Fear of the Minority becoming the new Majority by 2050. White people being outnumbered for a variety of reasons, but the idea that only they should rule in America is still strong, and holding on.

Unfortunately, the politics of division; Volume 1 of the Muller Report detailing the attack on democracy from Putin, gerrymandering, voter suppression, broken machines, and all kinds of cyber crimes were committed in 2016 gave us an illegitimate, bigoted, ignorant sociopath, and the most unqualified individual ever to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And, as Robert Muller warned, Russia’s still at it as we speak, write, and argue online.

Simply put, there’s a way to fix this.

We must be determined to fight back with a vengeance. Refuse to give up, or give in to the forces of fascism, racism, and bigotry. Register to vote now. Insist on paper ballots in all 50 states.

The recent raids by ICE in Mississippi are targeting Latinos because this is the group they see as ‘taking over’ with an intact family structure, and the world now sees the trauma, and suffering is on PURPOSE! Their misplaced bragging rights with “cruelty is the point” as a policy is the evil work of Stephen Miller. A stone cold young bigot being paid taxpayer money to divide the people of America.

Stephen Miller is NOT president. He’s a White Supremacist, as is Steve Bannon now making money by spreading the ideology of a fake “superiority” in Europe.

The fact trump normalized them in the White House doesn’t make this bigotry NORMAL!

We’re fed up. Fed up seeing human beings in cages, hearing about babies defecating on themselves, and no diapers; dirty infant bottles, no showers, or hot food…treating asylum seekers as animals due to the bigotry of a draft dogging sexual predator? A pathetic pathological liar, and bigot?

Time’s up.

The majority of American people reject hate, bigotry, and the separation of families.

We reject the treatment of people lawfully seeking asylum.

Trump’s breaking International Human Rights law. Everyday.

He’s trampling on the rights of human beings in real time as we watch.

It’s time for Americans to continue to protest these immoral immigration abuses, and the attempt to make America a fascist government.

Putin’s orders are to keep the racists’ civil war going, destroy democracy from within(State Department, FBI, Justice Department), and fill up the courts with young, right wing judges to ensure future rights are denied.

Hopefully, the next president will be able to declare 45 illegitimate, and a clean up can take place to remove even his Supreme Court errors, and the choice denied President Obama. We believe this act was racist, and illegal.

The clock’s ticking. As the late Curtis Mayfield sang;

“Power to the people!”

Mueller’s Blueprint for Justice (c)2019

If you saw the recent Congressional hearing with former Special Counsel Robert Muller then you know he’s not an actor.

The criticisms of his age, and ability to speak on the investigation into Russian interference in our election are without merit here.

To paraphrase Congressman Hakim Jeffries-this wasn’t about entertaining the American people. It was to educate, and inform them.

“We didn’t ask Robert DeNiro to testify we asked Robert Muller to testify.”

In other words, this wasn’t a contest on who could present the ‘flash’ and dazzle the public.

Instead, we had a distinguished prosecutor, maligned by the opposition, threatened throughout the process, but who nevertheless persisted.

And he delivered facts!

We, the American people know, occupation of the White House by a White Supremacist aided by Putin is the coup America must remove in 2020.

Our democracy is at stake.

This nightmare must come to an end.

Treating asylum seekers, including infants, toddlers, and young children as criminals is despicable.

America’s past is filled with this inhumanity; the murder, and mistreatment of the original inhabitants labeled American Indians.

Then, after 400 years of African enslavement to produce cotton(while dehumanizing people), we had Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln ‘frees the slaves’ but America still wasn’t ready to accept all of her country’s people.

Evidence? The Jim Crow laws, the Black Codes, and segregation/apartheid in America.

As a result, the ‘civil war’ continues in the minds of at least 30% of the population.

Never forget during World War II, there was mass incarceration of Japanese-Americans forced from their homes, and businesses.

Which brings us to a new version of this today, with new concentration camps.

This current deliberate policy of family separations, and cruelty is a violation of human rights, and dignity.

Yet guess who designed these gems?

Steven Miller, and before he was ‘outed’–Steve Bannon.

The Bannon/Miller bigotry plan is the resurgence of open racism in trump world. They want to mainstream it, worldwide because by 2050, white people will be the new ‘minority.’

Now they’re having fits because this is the uncomfortable fact they’re fighting against.

In reality, these are myths of insecure men to falsely elevate themselves.

Someone who feels superior…who believes he has ‘great genes, but wait a minute-don’t we all?

In the case of former Marine, Robert Muller, he holds no such fantasies.

We, the people aren’t looking for a panacea, we simply want justice.

America is a country with a concept of democracy based on the latin translation-

“Out of many, one.”

While the investigation was going on, the main activity of 45 was attempting to obstruct, and end it. By doing so he demonstrated “consciousness of guilt.” Evidenced 24/7 by the party who should have been quiet.

After two years of investigations, the most important findings are that basically, we have an illegitimate person in power, and Russia helped.

Now, the task at hand is the removal of the occupant, and the rest of Putin’s puppets including Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and the rest of those racist idiots in Congress destroying democracy for profit.